Weekend Trailer Roundup: Wild in the Streets

Another weekend is here, and with it comes a fresh crop of new trailers. This time, we’ll start with Wild in the Streets, an upcoming documentary by Peter Baxter about a small English town that, once a year, plays host to a chaotic sporting event in which the entire population takes part.

Updated with trailer.

The trailer for Wild in the Streets begins on a startlingly plain note. The first thirty-five seconds of this two-minute clip reveal precious little about the film it’s selling, with the only clues coming through a few minor details. The opening frame is adorned with a number of film festival accolades, and the town we’re introduced to seems to have the perfect mix of quirky yet heartwarming. From these two attributes, one can gleam that “Wild in the Streets” is some manner of indie film, but the true subject matter (and even whether it is a documentary or narrative film) is completely up in the air.

Thankfully, the trailer eventually delves into the real meat of the film. But even when we’ve gotten to the good stuff, the trailer is never particularly memorable. We get a basic rundown of the rules, little hints at the film’s core themes (community, history and the consequences of dividing a town in two and pitting the sides against each other), and, of course, plenty of footage of the game in action. Everything about the clip- the editing, the music, the constant film festival and critic recommendations- is all par for the course. Yet somehow the trailer ends up being somewhat successful. The ad may be run-of-the-mill, but the subject matter of Wild in the Streets is so unique that it can’t help but latch on to one’s imagination. It’s a trailer that succeeds despite itself, as all it really needs to do is give a basic synopsis and let the film speak for itself.


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