On the Morning of the 2012 Oscars: My Official 2012 Oscar Prediction Scorecard

Howdy folks!

I’ll be giving a full recap of the winners and losers and my pungent, unending hatred of the Academy of Motion Picture  Arts and Sciences once the awards are actually announced tonight, but here’s my official list of educated guesses for each category. If I can guess correctly in every single category, I’ll buy everyone who “likes” this post a crown made of pure sterling silver.

Ready to begin?

Oh, also that bit about the crowns was a lie. I’m not made of crowns, people.

For now, this’ll just be a list of my picks, to serve as a handy indicator of my awards-show predicting abilities. All analysis, insight and screaming invective will be saved for my post after the Oscars.

This one’s just a bit of fun.

Best Picture: The Artist

Actor in a Leading Role: Jean Dujardin- The Artist

Actress in a Leading Role: Viola Davis- The Help

Actor in a Supporting Role: Christoper Plummer- Beginners

Actress in a Supporting Role: Octavia Spencer- The Help

Animated Feature Film: A Cat in Paris

Cinematography: The Tree of Life

Art Direction: The Artist

Costume Design: Hugo

Directing: Michel Hazanavicius- The Artist

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t seen any of the documentary films of shorts this year- let’s just skip those, shall we? Let’s move on to…

Film Editing: The Artist

Foreign Language Film: A Separation

Makeup: The Iron Lady

Music (Original Score)The Artist

Music (Original Song): Man or Muppet- Bret McKenzie (The Muppets)

Again, let’s just skip the short film categories…

Sound Editing: Hugo

Sound Mixing: War Horse

Visual Effects: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Writing (Adapted Screenplay): The Descendants

Writing (Original Screenplay): Midnight in Paris


25 responses to “On the Morning of the 2012 Oscars: My Official 2012 Oscar Prediction Scorecard

  1. I always try to see at least the best picture noms. Saw Hugo last night and was quite disappointed. Ive been searching for any writing on what years might stand out as the worst ever.

    • Yeah, I was struggling with which animated film to pick- Rango seems like a good choice, but the choices in that category were so much more diverse that I figured the Academy might go with one of the outside nominations.

  2. I agree that The Artist is probably going to sweep most of its nominations, but there are much better films this year. My personal favourite this year was Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. But you can read all about my thoughts on this years Oscars here. http://smurfdok.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/the-oscars-the-biggest-movie-event-of-the-year-blog-ten/

    Shameless plug I know, but I thought a comparison with Adam’s choices would be fun =)

  3. I think your picks will be pretty accurate. That’s the problem this year (again) that there is no suspense. Unlike Mr Brown before, Hugo is my Best Picture of the year. It is classic storytelling and breathtaking cinematography done by a Master director. Plus, it’s a movie that celebrates going to the movies. I saw The Artist, and I’ll give it points for being retro in the silent movie era. It was fun. But Best Picture? The one movie I thought was outstanding this year wasn’t even nominated. Drive with Ryan Gosling. He’s the “Clint Eastwood” of stunt cars in this and it’s done so stylishly. Very unlike typical car action movies. As for the Oscars themselves, I may watch the beginning to see Billy Crystal again, but we all know who’s won. I’m just not into giving awards for movies anymore. My favorites never are nominated or they lose. That doesn’t make their quality any less or better than others. Just a preference.

    • I’m surprised you guys aren’t giving up best picture to Descendants. In fact my prediction is a rare picture/director split with Descendants then Hazanavicius. Regarding the mention of overlooking Drive, I am 100% with you. Drive was better than anything that got nominated and Ryan Gosling was subtly superb.

      • I did like The Descendants. Clooney was great, but not his best (He’ll have to top Up In The Air for that). One to watch for is the older daughter, Shailene Woodley. Once she gets out of her TV role contract, I hope she does more serious movies. She’s a great actress. Though I liked the movie, I just can’t give it a Best Picture.

    • There’s a part of me that likes the gaudy fun of awards shows, and a good host (Hugh Jackman, for example) can really liven things up, but I agree that awards shows (or maybe just the Oscars) seem a little bit past their prime.

  4. I didn’t see very many of the movies this year, but loved the remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo with Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara. My movie going/loving friends loved The Artist. I’m not watching this year, but will be watching your list. thanks!!

  5. love that you put yourself out there on this, let’s wait and see, LOL. I’ve heard there’s a bingo score card you can have for friends to pick and win…gotta keep the humor going, good luck with your picks! 😉

  6. The awards seemed kinda dull this time, Billy Crystal was nice but he’ll never top the time when Hugh Jackman was the host a few years back :p

    I was surprised when they gave the visual effects to Hugo, but it seems hugo did do quite a lot of work in that department (as I found out in this video). Here’s a 10-minute vfx breakdown of how pixmondo studios worked on Hugo:

    I guess Planet of the Apes just required integrating the apes into footage so maybe they didn’t side towards it as compared to several elements in Hugo?

    • Hmmm… there is a lot of really nice green screen work being done in that video, but I still think Planet of the Apes deserved it. The use of motion capture technology is a huge advancement in digital effects, and it’s actually much more difficult to make a realistic CGI living thing (like an ape) then it is to make blend background elements together.

      • Yeah that’s true motion capture definitely takes a lot of work as well, I dunno I’m kinda on the edge…and then there was Transformers which had amazing effects too so I don’t know what happened there :S I found this video on planet of the apes, Andy Serkis did an amazing job acting like an ape!!

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