2012 Golden Globes: Film Edition- Some Thoughts as I Fight the Urge to Kill.

Let this be stated at the start here: I’m not exactly the biggest fan of the Golden Globes.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association makes some of the strangest picks each year for who they nominate and give their awards to, and at this point all I can really do is sigh, slump into my chair, and continue collecting skin and hair samples for my Hollywood Foreign Press Association voodoo dolls.

It’s a tough life for all of us.

Now on to the nominees! Just the movie-related ones here- television’s got its own article.

I’m not gonna lie to you all and say I actually saw every movie nominated for these awards. I didn’t. I didn’t even come close, really. But I don’t plan on letting that stop me from giving you my unfettered opinion on all the major awards given out tonight.

Let’s begin.

Best Motion Picture- Drama

The Descendants 

The Help


The Ides of March


War Horse

Out of the actual list of nominees, my vote would have gone to War Horse (I thought a lot of the character development in The Descendants was kind of a mess), but from this group, The Descendants seems to have gotten the most hype and it wasn’t a stretch to see the HFPA go for a Hawaiian win here. In a perfect world this award might have gone to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy or Drive, but that’s neither here nor there.

Best Motion Picture- Comedy or Musical


The Artist


Midnight in Paris

My Week with Marylin

No arguments here. The Artist’s not without its flaws, but it’s a beautiful throwback to the silent film days with a couple of outstanding performances. Hooray.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture- Drama

George Clooney- The Descendants

Leonardo Di Caprio- J. Edgar

Michael Fassbender- Shame

Ryan Gosling- The Ides of March

Brad Pitt- Moneyball

Just like before, The Descendants is your best option if you feel like ignoring Fassbender, Ryan Gosling in Drive, Gary Oldman in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and (ok I haven’t seen it but I’ve heard great things so you just keep quiet) Michael Shannon in Take Shelter. Clooney does a fine job, but this was by no means the best dramatic performance by a male actor this year.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture- Comedy or Musical

Jean Dujardin- The Artist

Brendan Gleeson- The Guard

Joseph Gordon-Levitt- 50/50

Ryan Gosling- Crazy, Stupid, Love

Owen Wilson- Midnight in Paris

This is why you have a a comedy/musical genre. Jean Dujardin was a lock for this one from the beginning, but there’s no other way to give Brendan Gleeson any recognition for one of the most upsetting-and-hysterically-funny-at-the-same-time roles of the year. I don’t hate this at all. Thanks, Golden Globes.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture- Drama

Glenn Close- Albert Nobbs

Viola Davis- The Help

Rooney Mara- The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Meryl Streep- The Iron Lady

Tilda Swinton- We Need to Talk About Kevin

Ok. Fine. You win. I haven’t actually seen any of these movies. I’m primarily a TV-centric critic. And yeah, I know that’s sad but there’s nothing I can do at this point. Although I’ll say that Meryl Streep seems like just the right balance between ‘actual award-winning performance’ and ‘seems like the type that should win’ that fits the Golden Globes so well.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture- Comedy or Musical

Jodie Foster- Carnage

Charlize Theron- Young Adult

Kristen Wiig- Bridesmaids

Michelle Williams- My Week With Marilyn

Kate Winslet- Carnage

Dammit. Not counting Bridesmaids, I’m in the same situation here. I really gotta get my actress-watching butt in gear, huh. Anyway, Michelle Williams’ win seems about in line with everything else here, considering she was nominated last year for Blue Valentine.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture

Kenneth Branagh- My Week With Marilyn

Albert Brooks- Drive

Jonah Hill- Moneyball

Viggo Mortensen- A Dangerous Method

Christopher Plummer- Beginners

First of all, why is this category not split into Drama and Comedy/Musical? Bizarre. Anyway, I was gunning for an Albert Brooks win (as it’s the only recognition Drive got), but Christopher Plummer’s a hell of an actor and plus this keeps Jonah Hill from winning anything.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture

Berenice Bejo- The Artist

Jessica Chastain- The Help

Janet McTeer- Albert Nobbs

Octavia SpencerThe Help

Shailene Woodley- The Descendants

First of all, why is Berenice Bejo bumped down to the Supporting Actress tier? I’d say she was of equal importance (and had equal screentime) as her Best Actor co-star Jean Dujardin. But, that being besides the point, I get the win for The Help here. Granted, I still haven’t seen The Help (in my defense, I will have seen every major nominee movie by the time the Oscars roll around- the Golden Globes don’t really merit the same deadline), but with all the great press it’s been getting (and with all the buzz surrounding Octavia Spencer), it seems like she’d be the easy winner in the eyes of the HFPA.

Best Director- Motion Picture

Woody Allen- Midnight in Paris

George Clooney- The Ides of March

Michel Hazanavicius- The Artist

Alexander Payne- The Descendants

Martin Scorsese- Hugo

Call me mean-spirited, but this feels like Martin Scorsese getting an award for being Martin Scorsese. I’d have much rather seen this award fall into the hands of Hazanavicius, or (heaven forbid) nominate Nicolas Winding Refn for Drive and then throw him a bone.

Best Screenplay- Motion Picture

Michel Hazanavicius- The Artist

Nat Faxon, Alexander Payne, Jim Rash- The Descendants

George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Beau Willimon- The Ides of March

Woody Allen- Midnight in Paris

Stan Chervin, Aaron Sorkin, Steven Zaillian- Moneyball

This sort of makes sense. The Artist has been at the forefront of everything else, but in being a silent film the screenplay isn’t the familiar thing everyone’s been used to seeing for the past eighty or so years. Again, not my first choice, but I don’t have high-ranking authority in the HFPA.

Best Animated Feature Film

The Adventures of Tintin

Arthur Christmas

Cars 2

Puss in Boots


This contest was never not between Tintin and Rango, and as this stuff is largely political, Tintin gets points for Spielberg’s name alone, while Rango’s off-the-wall weirdness sees it getting (unofficially of course) second place. Also… Arthur Christmas?

Best Original Score

Ludovic Bource- The Artist

Abel Korzeniowski- W.E.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross- The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Howard Shore- Hugo

John Williams- War Horse

War Horse had some memorable themes, but ultimately the music in The Artist played such a crucial role in the tone and the character of the film (and played that role so well) that Bource deserves this win and so much more. Also as a John Powell fan who felt his heart explode into tiny fragments when Reznor and Ross beat Powell’s How To Train Your Dragon last year, I can’t help but smile every time Reznor loses an award.

That sounds mean spirited.

It is.

But I love those damn dragons.

Check the corresponding TV-centric awards article for, well… the TV-centric awards!


4 responses to “2012 Golden Globes: Film Edition- Some Thoughts as I Fight the Urge to Kill.

  1. I’ve kind of given up hope that Take Shelter is going to get nominated for anything, even though I found it the most mind-blowing movie I saw this year.

    Is War Horse really worth seeing? It looks so Hallmarky.

    • I liked War Horse, but for me it’s one of those movies I see once in the theater and then I never really have the urge to see it again. It’s got a couple of really tremendous visual moments, and a lot of the film’s opening feels like Babe, with the animals serving as real characters with personalities alongside their human counterparts. It does get pretty sappy, though. I’ll admit that, so if that’s a turn-off for you it may not be your thing.

  2. Nice commentary. I liked The Descendants and actually felt Jonah Hill did a good job in Moneyball (though I dislike most of his other work). I’m not too sure Woody Allen should have won for Best Screenplay, and I was boggled how Ides of March managed to get Best Picture, Director, and Screenplay nominations.

    • I just don’t understand the Golden Globes. Although from what I’ve read, The Descendants is set to clean up at the Oscars (nomination-wise, at least) and Jonah Hill is on track to get a nomination. You may be on to something here.

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