Movie Trailer Roundup!

So, like everyone else out there on the internet, I’ve been spending these frosty winter days holed up in a blanket-bunker in my bed watching new movie trailer after new movie trailer.

That’s what you’ve been doing, right?

Well, even if you’ve been too lazy (read: productive) to watch all the great movie trailer treats we’ve been given in the past few weeks, I’ve been watching them multiple times. And I have opinions on all of them.

So I’ll pick the three that are the biggest hyped (as far as I can tell, anyway): The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and Prometheus. And we’ll go from there.

So first off is The Dark Knight Rises. I’m assuming everyone knows this one already. Everyone in the world. Everyone in the history of civilization. Probably a lot of Batman/Christopher Nolan fans out there.

And here be the trailer.

There’s certainly some good stuff going on here. Older, ridden-down looking cane-addled Bruce Wayne? Check. Creepily menacing Tom Hardy as Bane? Check. Plenty of exciting Bat-battles and intrigue? Check.

I like the overall terrorism-y mood we get from Bane, with his shadowy presence and chanting and blowing up buildings, but I wish we got a little more of Bane as the hulking, gigantic man-menace. Yes, his character is supposed to be equal parts brawn and brains, but right now I’m only seeing the brains and I could use more brawn.

I’m not a huge fan of the stadium explosion sequence. It seems a little cheesy and CGI-centric for the grounded-in-reality-even-though-there’s-an-eccentric-billionaire-running-around-dressed-as-a-nocturnal-flying-rodent style of the past two movies. Still, I’ve yet to actually see the movie (or at least the whole stadium scene) and I’m more than prepared to be proven wrong.

All in all? I’d say there’s an occasional flaw, but it’s Batman so hooray!

Next up: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

I’ve read The Hobbit, but it’s been a very long time (at least ten years) since I have, so I don’t remember much. Dragons. Trolls. Gandalf.

What I’m saying is I’m don’t exactly have an encyclopedic knowledge on the subject. So just from watching the trailer, there seems to be three distinct categories of stuff happening here.

1. Exposition in Bag End.

2. General Adventure-ment.

3. Dwarves Drinking and Falling Down.

And I’m going to skip the first two categories because I have total faith in Peter Jackson and the dream team of Martin Freeman/Ian McKellan to bring the thunder with all that.

But seriously, folks. We get dwarves drinking. We get dwarves falling down. We get a goofy name-and-a-face moment for each dwarf that takes up about twenty seconds of a two and a half minute trailer, complete with drinking and falling down and more drinking and more falling down. Then later someone opens a door and all the dwarves fall down through the doorframe. Presumably they were drinking beforehand.

I get that The Hobbit is more kid-friendly then the Lord Of The Rings. And I get that a faithful adaptation of The Hobbit would have a considerably different tone than the Lord Of The Rings would. But for every great shot or location or piece of enchanted wonderment in this trailer, we get an equal amount of drunken dwarf shenanigans. And I’m not okay with that.

And finally we come to: Prometheus.

I’ll go ahead and say that this is my favorite of the three. By far, it does the best job of teasing and building anticipation for the movie- with The Dark Knight Rises we get spectacle and action, with The Hobbit we get exposition, but with Prometheus we get the best feel for the tone and the style and the scope of everything that’s gonna happen. By only showing the briefest flashes of big epic sci-fi stuff going bananas, we get just enough information to see that things will be very unsettling and very bizarre and very intense, but we don’t get nearly enough information to actually know who or what or why or any real information that would explain what’s going on. But it makes me want to see more. And I’d say it does that better than any of the other two trailers.

So there ya go. And keep in mind that I’m just judging on trailer quality alone and not the actual movies themselves.

See you next time!


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