And so it begins…

Have you ever gazed out at the stars and wondered what else was out there?

Have you ever seen whole worlds inside a single drop of water or a single speck of dust?

Have you ever wished there was some tiny corner of the internet for you to barf your opinions all over as many people as possible?

I have. At least that last one, anyway. That’s why I made this blog. In the coming months you’ll see miraculous wonders like TV reviews, movie reviews, opinion pieces and various other googaws that’ll make you laugh, make you think, and (hopefully) make you wanna keep reading.



5 responses to “And so it begins…

  1. hi just checking out your post — interesting & intriqued. I’ve been thinking about blogging about CBC radio 1. I’m Canadian living near London Ontario but less than a year ago I was living in Vancouver on the west coast -two very opposite places. CBC is our national radio & television station that connects us from sea to sea to sea. I think it’s similar to NPR. I listen to the radio most of the day from early morning. I often turn it on again to lull me to sleep. So I learn all these fascinating facts, ideas and I think I want to tell someone. I’ve thought of pitching the idea to our local newspaper. But don’t get me wrong, I love tv & movies too, especially the British dramas. But Canadian tv has gotten quite good lately – you’ve had Murdoch mysteries suggested to you, butchers are a few new ones you might like. Artic air, hour long drama from the Northwest Territories (Same gratitude to Alaska) which for once portrays the Canadian Aboriginals in not only a positive light, but not hiding them away. It’s not perfect, but I think it will help open the door. And the last show I will mention is bomb girls with the reappearance of meg Tilley in a drama about the 2nd world war. So maybe you’ll head north of 49 and watch some foreign tv.

  2. I really enjoy your style of writing.I just realllly hope you somehow know what tv shows I watch and start watching them so that I can read more of your reviews.

  3. Hello! Since you’re following our site (, I wanted to mention that we’re moving our site to our main homepage at and also invite you to follow us over there since the current site will be going away. Thanks a bunch and God bless!

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